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About windowfarmsPosted by Jakob Lange Wed, March 14, 2012 16:03

Restaurant Llama in Copenhagen includes a 72 pot Window Garden.
New Window Garden under development

7 pot floor Window Garden
3 pot table Window Garden
5 pot hanging Window Garden

77 pot Window Garden mounted on a net

Images July 2013

Documentary "Bonderøven kommer til byen" at DR2. Go to time 08:00
Article in the danish magazine Samvirke about windowfarms. April 23th 2012

Radio interview "Frk. Kræsen: Urban Farming" at go to time 19:30. April 20th 2013

Major change of my setup will happen soon. I have realized that the water reservoir pots could be bigger in order for the system to work for a longer time without me adding water. Ideally it should be able to rund for a week! Currently the system only runs for a day before I need to top up with more water. Therefore I have decided to simplify the system a bit and add one big water jug. Since the old reservoir pots are sealed they should be able to collect the water and funnel it into the return water tubes.

Download diagram in large


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