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Deluxe windowfarmsPosted by Jakob Lange Tue, February 07, 2012 22:22

Window Mount

7 meter Coated wire

12 x Wire locks in alluminium

A bag of small White plastic strips

2 x White hooks

Terracotta pots

5 x small Pots Vaso Alto

5 x plastic cups

5 liter of Leca-balls

1 x water reservoir pot Vaso Alto

1 x suction cup

Lacquer for protection of the water reservoir pot

Air and watering system

1 x Airpump

2 x One-way valve

2 x 2m Air tube 4/6mm (clear) Avoid PVC!

1 x T-joint

1 x Adjustment valve


1 x fertilizer

1 x PH paper

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