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About windowfarmsPosted by Jakob Lange Wed, March 14, 2012 16:03

Restaurant Llama in Copenhagen includes a 72 pot Window Garden.
New Window Garden under development

7 pot floor Window Garden
3 pot table Window Garden
5 pot hanging Window Garden

77 pot Window Garden mounted on a net

Images July 2013

Documentary "Bonderøven kommer til byen" at DR2. Go to time 08:00
Article in the danish magazine Samvirke about windowfarms. April 23th 2012

Radio interview "Frk. Kræsen: Urban Farming" at go to time 19:30. April 20th 2013

Major change of my setup will happen soon. I have realized that the water reservoir pots could be bigger in order for the system to work for a longer time without me adding water. Ideally it should be able to rund for a week! Currently the system only runs for a day before I need to top up with more water. Therefore I have decided to simplify the system a bit and add one big water jug. Since the old reservoir pots are sealed they should be able to collect the water and funnel it into the return water tubes.

Download diagram in large


About windowfarms and hydroponics

Deluxe windowfarms

Other windowfarm designs

Original windowfarms

Plants and seeds guide

Cleaning and maintenance

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Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenancePosted by Jakob Lange Wed, March 14, 2012 15:59

In the summer months when the sun is strong, algae will grow fast on the inside of the tubes and you will need to clean the tubes once a month.

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Window farm designs

Other windowfarmsPosted by Jakob Lange Wed, March 14, 2012 15:58

Check out this alternative design at

Check out Terkel's windowfarm at

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Window farm in progress

Deluxe windowfarmsPosted by Jakob Lange Mon, February 13, 2012 23:24

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Original Window Farms

Original windowfarmsPosted by Jakob Lange Sun, February 12, 2012 14:58

Instructions found at

Windowfarms version 1, How-To instructions (PDF)

Windowfarms version 2, How-To instructions (PDF)

Windowfarms version 3, How-To instructions (don't use Internet Explorer!)

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Buying plants and seeds online

Plants and seedsPosted by Jakob Lange Tue, February 07, 2012 22:35

Danish online shops for plants and seeds: - Very friendly staff with a lot of helpful tips.

My seeds has arrived:

Beans, Tendergreen (Buskbønne)

Chard, Bright Lights (Bladbede)

Peas. Ceresa (Ærter)

Chili, organic, Capsicum annuum, Orange Thai (Meget stærk Chili)

Strawberries, Fragaria vesca semperflorens, Regina (Små jordbær)

Tomato, organic, Principe borghese (Økologisk Blommetomat)

Tomato, Red, Tumbling Tom (Rød busktomat)

Tomato, Yellow, Tumbling Tom (Gul busktomat)

Basil, Ocimum basilicum, Sweet Genovese (Basilikum)

Basil, organic, Ocimum basilicum, Rubra (Økologisk Rød Basilikum)

Basil, Ocimum basilicum, Thai - (Thai Basilikum)

Basil, organic, Ocimum basilicum, Kanel - (Økologisk Basilikum)

Coriander, organic (Økologisk Koriander)

Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosmarin)

Thyme, organic, Thymus vulgaris (Økologisk Timian)

Watercress, Tropaeolum Majus (Blomsterkarse)

Planting the seeeds

One week of growing...

Two weeks of growing...

Three weeks of growing...

When the the roots start to appear you can move you plant to the pot.

After approximately 1-2 months all of your seeds should be growing strong in your windowfarm.

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Windowfarms and other urban projects

About windowfarmsPosted by Jakob Lange Tue, February 07, 2012 22:34

Article in the danish magazine Samvirke about windowfarms. April 23th 2012

Radio interview "Frk. Kræsen: Urban Farming" at go to time 19:30. April 20th 2013

Copenhagen Pecha Kucha #23 about windowfarms at time 5:40. (Danish) March 6th 2013

Radio interview "Sorte negle - De urbane gartnere - De urbane gartnere" at Danish P1. time 22:40. November 12th 2012

Article in the danish newspaper Politiken about my windowfarm. May 13th 2012

Main WindowFarms forum

Danish group on

What is Hydroponics

Definition of Hydroponics

Urban Agriculture (danish)

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DK Shopping list

Deluxe windowfarmsPosted by Jakob Lange Tue, February 07, 2012 22:22

Window Mount

7 meter Coated wire

12 x Wire locks in alluminium

A bag of small White plastic strips

2 x White hooks

Terracotta pots

5 x small Pots Vaso Alto

5 x plastic cups

5 liter of Leca-balls

1 x water reservoir pot Vaso Alto

1 x suction cup

Lacquer for protection of the water reservoir pot

Air and watering system

1 x Airpump

2 x One-way valve

2 x 2m Air tube 4/6mm (clear) Avoid PVC!

1 x T-joint

1 x Adjustment valve


1 x fertilizer

1 x PH paper

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Window farm buildup

Deluxe windowfarmsPosted by Jakob Lange Tue, February 07, 2012 22:19

Deluxe WindowFarm

1. This is how to assemble a WindowFarm using 5 standard terracotta pots and a bigger size for water reservoir.

2. Drill two holes in your window frame with the distance of the diameter of your terracotta pots. Here you fasten two hooks and hang the coated wire on the midpoint.

3. Find all of your 12 small aluminum fixtures.

4. Assemble the wire and fixtures into a joint like this.

5. Move the joint to the desired height.

6. With a little patience you are able to find the perfect distance between the fixtures. The coated wires should hold firmly around the pots.

7. Carefully remove the pot and measure the distance between the two fixtures.

8. Now start from the top and work your way downwards using the same distance between each joint. Use the bigger terracotta pot at the bottom.

9. After some adjustments, your setup should look something like this.

10. Make sure all pots are leveled and are not tilting outwards, inwards, left or right.

11. Find your plastic cups and make sure that water can drip through the bottom. If there are not enough holes… drill some more!

12. The plastic cups should fit like this.

13. Now strap the tube to the side of the cups with plastic strips.

14. Make sure to have enough tube left at the top. Use a rubber band to adjust the perfect angle of the tube end.

15. Paint the inside of the lowest pot with lacquer to protect it from… water!

16. A suction cup forms a perfect joint for the water tube. Drill a hole with a smaller diameter than the tube and glue it on top of the hole in the pot. Then seal the edges with a final layer of lacquer.

17. Squeeze a tube through the suction cop and connect it to the water reservoir.

18. Connect the tubes as shown in this diagram.

19. Make sure that you have enough "water tube storage" to prevent air flowing the wrong way into the water reservoir. Height of windowfarm = length of "water tube storage"

20. If needed you can add another adjustment valve for a better control of the air flow.

21. Connect a timer and set the it at intervals of 15minutes ON – 15 minutes OFF etc.

22. Fill the plastic cups with Leca balls.

23. To avoid the drops to travel on the underside of the pots, you can glue a rubber band around the hole to create a drip edge.

24. To ensure noiseless dripping you can attach a string to the pot hole. The water drops can then travel down the string without making any sounds.

25. Add your plants. FINAL

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